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White male / Asian women relationships might be the most pro-white relationship there is, if not the most anti-progressive.

As I said White male / Asian women couples will take the place of the 1960’s White male / white female power couplings. The white ideals of 50’s America has been transferred to White males / Asian women.

The reason why? Asian women are fully supportive of white males – white culture – and white children, whilst White men want a replacement White woman for the White women who don’t want them.

One Nation (Australian nationalist party) leader says members ‘have Asian wives’ to deflect claims of having problems with Asians

My father was and is an extremely right wing white male. To him, Asian women were a suitable alternative to white women, who he viewed as having become far too feminist, far too liberated, and far less family oriented than he hoped.

Asian women seem very happy to take up the mantle of whiteness. Not surprising when you consider Asia has a long, long history of emulating White ideals, hyping up European culture, copying European styles and behaviors, and even copying European beauty standards.

When I was younger I too, at the behest of my father, took up extreme right wing politics. Anti-gay, anti-black, White nationalist politics. I was raised to believe I was white; my mother had praised my white features, and my father had treated me as if I was a replacement white child, feeding my since infancy with pro-white rhetoric, conservative rhetoric, and even reading me exclusively western literature to install in me a pro-European bent.

His hope, I think, was that his half Asian son was able to carry on the banner of whiteness in a chaotic world. This promptly ended the minute I noticed real whites – not the fake ones like myself – were treated poorly because of my Asian blood.