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One little known fact is that White men – especially extremely racist white men – love Asian women. And that’s ignoring the fact that the white male / Asian woman pairing is inherently racist – by virtue of it being so common.

 I didn’t break away from the Brotherhood for racial reasons or any big epiphany that I all of a sudden didn’t hate people of others races, because I never hated them in the first place. My first wife and mother of my children is even half Korean. I’m laying it out how it really is for most Caucasian people in prison, or in low-income housing projects.

It makes sense because half Asian people are so self hating that many of them just go right to the whitest things they can find. I’ve done it. Guys like Elliot Rodger, they start chasing blonde / blue eyed women. For a half Asian woman, a Neo-Nazi really isn’t that problematic. People underestimate just how self hating a half-Asian can be.

Plus, a white supremacist male, being socially ostracized, will take the best he can get – in many cases a self hating Asian / half Asian woman who will tolerate him because she agrees, and not only that, but oftentimes the man’s personality doesn’t really matter, as long as he is white. But more so, that she agrees, and half-Asian self-hatred manifests in many different ways.