Another post from Reddit. Many white men love Asian women despite harboring extremely right wing politics; the reasons are simple, largely because Asian women are “substitute” white women who “value” white men on the basis that they are white, and largely nothing else. The White men value Asian women for this, combined with the fact that they believe that Asian women and Asian culture is “more traditional,” “more family oriented,” etc.

White men see in Asian women a woman with white skin, easy sex (on the basis that they are white), and tolerance for their extreme views. Other times, like in my case, the fathers seek out “honorary Aryan” type traditionalism, and fetishize or idealize the “racist,” “honor based,” conservative culture found in medieval Asia – but entirely lacking today.

In a way, white male / Asian woman couples have taken the place of white men / white woman couples from the 1950’s. White men often champion extremely racist white nationalist views while having sex with women of color; again, Asian women get a pass in society merely for having a use.

/u/BlasianTyga, the son of a black man and an Asian woman, was kind enough to provide us with the material.

The title of this post actually makes Reactionary Expat look more tolerant of other peoples than he actually is. He doesn’t identify as a white nationalist because white nationalists largely still consider non-northwestern European peoples such as Slavic People and Mediterranean People part of the white race where as he believes that only for example the English, Germans, French and Scandinavians are the true whites. In one of his comments he even described southern Europeans as “the broken children of Arabs and Berbers”. Bear in mind that this man lives in Taiwan and is married to an Asian woman whose race he in his comments has described as “less capable of innovation” than the white race.Says quick prayer for their children

Here’s a link to one of his YouTube videos in which he talks about the importance of preserving the white race through white nationalism (without mixing with Slavs and Mediterranean Peoples):


and this is a link to his YouTube channel’s list of videos. Please take a moment to scroll through the amount of his videos which live up to white expat stereotypes concerning political and racial views:

His wife either doesn’t know about her white husband’s secret views on race and gender or he’s open about them and she’s comfortable with being the Asian wife of an arguably white supremacist and sexist White-Australian husband which many might say makes her an extreme self-hater.

So on top of his covert racist views – he will be raising Asian looking children, proving once again that half-Asian children are incredibly damaged because of the nature of their parents.