For anyone doubting that Eurasian children complaining about White male / Asian woman couples is a new thing, it actually goes back to 2004.

Many, many half Asians are fully aware of how “questionable” White man / Asian woman pairings are and are almost naturally offended by it; five years ago, a long time before I started writing, I too felt distinctly uncomfortable around them.

Archived link from Hapas.com here.

Choice comments:

i have noticed a difference between the children with asian fathers and the ones with white fathers.

every hapa i have met with an asian father has been really smart.

I would say Hapas who have Asian fathers are more likely to have a father that has one or more of the following traits:

1) pretty well off

2) highly educated/professional

3) above average intelligence

i.e. a White guy doesn’t need nearly as many qualifications to attract a AF than an Asian guy who wants to date White women.

This applies much more to Asian dudes from Asia who marry girls they meet in Europe (during college, usually) and the mainland U.S. than a place like Hawaii where AM/WF couples are quite common.

I say AM/WF tend to more educated, lots of money, much better than AF/WM pairing. White guys has an advantage in a white dominated country and other colonial countries in Asia. I don’t really care what I hate is when an Asian girl looks at me when shes with white bf that im suppose to get mad or something. I mean I look more Asian ofcourse this Korean girl smack me on the head pretending it was an accident because im talking to this