The sons and daughters of White men and Asian women are often even more racist than their monoracial counterparts. The reasons are varied. But given the spate of Eurasian criminals from Elliot Rodger to Daniel Holtzclaw to Marcus Epstein – they all seem to manifest an extremely anti-Asian rhetoric. In my personal experience, I too, at once point would bully fully Asians and voice anti-Asian sentiment – until I was considered Asian. 

This dichotomy is often times enough to cause immense stress within the Eurasian psyche, some of which leads to implosion. Essentially, Eurasian sons of white men are “replacement” white men – with the parents, often together for the hope of having white passing children, and together because of shared values (desire for a conservative Asian wife, desire for a white male) – creating children that will carry on and voice the opinions of the father.

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