Even the mainstream media notices the extreme imbalance – so why would half Asian sons not notice? Why are people so intent on shutting me up?

Original Comedy Central Link here.


Has this episode been posted here before?

I remember the 1st episode which already had Asian women looking for their missing white bfs was posted here before.

This episode is amazing in how mainstream popular culture is perceiving WMAF now. Especially the desperation of Asian women to stay with white men, even when white people have all vanished. It makes a total mockery of the idea that Asian women allying with the dominant racial-sexual powerholders is in anyway a progressive rebellion. Instead it just looks petty and cruel, bullying her minority family using white men as a tool. Its the Joy Luck Club turned upside down.

If this is what WMAF is about, Hapas can only feel shame at being WMAF offspring.