The founder of the New York Film Academy has / had a half Asian son – and one would imagine that someone of such prestige would have been able to produce a child who was capable, if not successful – but very little is found on Jerry Sherlock’s half Chinese son. Not surprising, when you look at the body of work of Sherlock – and the fact that he himself was married to an Asian woman, despite demeaning Asian men. 

This was discovered by a Hapa who had posted on Reddit – on the largest half Asian forum to exist in decades.

Classic lines from a white guy who makes racist films: “l have a half-Asian son . . . Why would l insult his heritage?” Sherlock asked. “This movie is supposed to be funny.” ln the end, Sherlock decided to film the movie in San Francisco’s Chinatown with or without the Asian community’s consent

A link was posted on Reddit with regards to a film director and producer – Jerry Sherlock – who actually died at the end of last year, in 2015. We didn’t know much about him, but looking into it, he was rather prolific some thirty years ago – in making films that were even deigned racist by major media outlets.

Racist against whom? Asians, and Asian men, of course.

Samples of it can be seen here:

A search of Google Books revealed that Sherlock’s films were implicitly racist and relied heavily on stereotyping and sexualization of Asian women.

“The simple fact that these films had recreated much-despised figures set off an alarm among Asian Americans; in the case of the Chan film, their anger was compounded by the filmmakers’ casting white actors as the leads…..

Jerry’s response?

“l have a half-Asian son . . . Why would l insult his heritage?” Sherlock asked. ” This movie is supposed to be funny.”

35 years later – where is Jerry Sherlock’s son? What happened to the master race Eurasians? 

Could it be that our parents are literally the most vicious, racist, anti-Asian people on earth and this is incredibly damaging?