Another fetish baby born from a vitriolic, hateful couple.

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Keep in mind that there isn’t any other interracial pairing (that I’m aware of) – that makes its basis entirely on the hatred of Asianness, and the open support of racist white men – yet, of course, the children look Asian. Long before I had this website I spent a decade refusing to identify as Asian, largely because of this kind of upbringing. 

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Miss Singapore Universe 2003 winner Bernice Wong-Casey once said “I have never been able to click with local guys. Somehow, our personalities don’t match up”.


Apparently her white boyfriend was fired from his job due to his racist comments against Singaporeans.

A Singapore-based UK banker, Anton Casey, who triggered massive public outrage over his Facebook remarks insulting Singapore residents, has been dismissed from his post and forced to flee to Australia.


One of the posts was a picture of a boy who is apparently Casey’s five-year-old son sitting inside a metro train, with a caption above his head reading: “Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?”

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