HalfAsian.org will tackle the darker side of being “Eurasian master race.” This will be done through cataloguing the thousands upon thousands of stories written and posted on the  internet, and in literature, by Hapas themselves about the reality of these marriages, and the reality of being mixed race in an increasingly racist world (and whose parents themselves were racists, i.e., demanding a white male, and only a white male, and truly believed Asianness inferior to whiteness).

The content here has existed for a long time – but only in the last five years, thanks to several high profile cases coinciding with many half-Asians entering adulthood – has it been aggregated; the half-Asian discussion is one that will never go away, and needs to be examined critically, rather than being ignored for much longer, before more tragedies happen.

Moreover, because privileged, conservative white men as well as Asian “Tiger Moms” work overtime to muffle any dissent, as a way to deny and shut down anything resembling a “victim mentality,” HalfAsian.org merely serves as a warning and explanation – in the inevitable event of more Half-Asian psychotic breaks that lead to violence.

If for whatever reason, Asian women are able to assimilate in the Western world – while Asian men are not – the result means that there will be biracial Asians exclusively raised by White men.

Many of these children, in particular, the sons, will look Asian, or at least, non-white, and will be subject to discrimination, more often than not – by the same people that promise that half-Asians are all good looking, and all look white.

So what will happen? 

The answer is that I have no idea. All I understand is that there will be an extremely negative reaction to such a monumental unbalance, as well as our parents, racist white men, and Asian women desperate to feel white, creating an atmosphere that will be difficult to navigate.

It is far too unbalanced, and Asianness is seen as bad. Interracial marriage seemingly only involves Asian women, and no Asian men, and there has never been an effort to combat racism against Asian men.

The majority of half-Asians look very Asian. The rest look non-White.

Yet they are forced to live in a world where whiteness is the ideal, and Asianness is bad, unless found on an Asian woman. This is bad.

Many of the contributors to reddit.com/r/hapas have described their experiences being routinely rejected socially, romantically, and vocationally for their Asianness – despite their mothers marrying White. How could a child of a white male / Asian woman coupling – with everything it entails – ever have strong self esteem?

Since the relationship between white men and Asian women is incredibly common, there are obvious trends and notions of power and white superiority that cannot be ignored – especially when children are involved. It is increasingly being proven that half Asians look very Asian and oftentimes cannot come to terms with the racism they endure – and the fact that their parents were often complicit in it. This is made worse by the growing trend of white men marrying Asian women for “anti-feminist” reasons, or as a way to marry a woman that they view as being “submissive,” “traditional,” and more “malleable” than white women; these same men also demonstrate a bizarre habit of continuously saying horrible things about Asian men as a way to demonstrate their power over the only thing that they can, to make themselves feel better about their own low status (hence needing to marry an Asian woman).

So what happens when these children look and identify as Asian – which itself, is laughed and mocked at by the world, alongside with their parents?

What began about twenty years ago as a celebration of Hapa heritage was nothing but a mythologization of Hapa beauty, intelligence and uniqueness – all fabricated by Asian women (and white men) who – for whatever reason had a strong preference for white men be it physical, cultural, or for integration*.

The Hapa myth was started by White men and Asian women in an attempt to justify relationships based on white-worship, white supremacy and other vilifiable cultural evils that create victims (including their own Asian looking children) in their wake…

With Hapas being nothing but the natural outcome. Being Hapa is not special – nor is it the “best of both worlds.” Most Hapas are average looking – some even unattractive, due to having unattractive parents (in particular, our fathers), and look Asian, and are poorly equipped to deal with the realities of racism.

Being Hapa is merely the “best possible outcome” for a child to be born to an Asian woman who for whatever reason disliked / avoided / hated Asian males, and a white man who leverages his whiteness, and is oftentimes equally racist, in exchange for sex and companionship.

The ULTIMATE, ideal outcome is that a white child was to be born to these couples – but since this is biologically impossible the Hapa myth was devised as a way to legitimize an otherwise extremely politicized and loaded relationship. In ULTIMATE terms – the Hapa child is less than the parents’ ideal (particularly the mother’s), while being more than the full Asian against which the relationship was pitted in the first place. In ULTIMATE terms, the Hapa represents cultural assimilation into Whiteness, and is expected to merely submit to white hegemony without objection, regardless of how he or she looks.

*It’s now evident that Hapa children are unable to fully integrate.

Points of discussion here:

  • Parents of biracial children being racist, anti-progressive (i.e., Asian women are “more traditional,” “more anti-black”, more “feminine”).
  • Staggeringly overrepresentation of Hapas with Asian fathers in the media and in areas of success. 
  • Many white fathers of Half Asian sons harboring racist, anti-progressive views.
  • Many white fathers of Half Asian sons harboring yellow-fever or outdated views of Asian women.
  • Staggering overrepresentation of Neo-Nazis, radicals, alt-rightists and other conservative figures with Asian wives.
  • Parents of biracial Asians being casually racist – i.e., Asian men are ugly, unattractive, worthless
  • Parents of biracial Asians being by far, much more racist and “political” than other mixed-race couplings
  • Parents of biracial Asians pushing their children as a eugenic “master race” – despite most Asians looking very Asian, and looking very average.
  • Failure of Hapas to integrate; Asian women enjoying high status and ability to integrate due to sex, but half Asian sons being isolated and excluded.
  • Abuse of Hapa children within the home due to mentally ill parents (i.e., in some cases, certain types of white men seek out Asian women, and certain types of Asian women seek out white men.
  • Common trends of abuse within the home with constantly argumentative and abuse Asian mothers who attack their husbands and manipulate their children to fulfill their goals
  • Asian cultural obsession with status translating into obsession with whiteness and white men, regardless of character.
  • Hapa children expected to, or choosing to identify as White despite being technically non-white.
  • Many half-Asian children being extremely uncomfortable with their Asian heritage and appearance, due to their parents’ racism.
  • Hapa children being taught “Asian culture” despite their mothers’ avoidance of Asian culture for 30 years; this is engendered particularly when the child looks more Asian than expected.
  • Difficulty of managing biculturalism – exclusion from white / Asian social circles.
  • Double standards in dating – Asian women are accepted, while Asian / Hapa men are expected to be single.
  • Double standards – where Asian and Eurasian men are mocked and prevented from dating non-Asian women, even by White men who see Asian women as a “last resort,” and hate seeing Asian men with white women.
  • Imbalance of interracial marriage statistics.
  • Emasculation of Asian males being passed onto the Hapa sons
  • “Hapa pride” being nothing more than a fetishization of the natural result of Asian women favoring white males, i.e., favoring white features
  • Hapa births being indicative of the cultural marginalization of Asian males, (which we are).
  • Societal privilege of Asian women and white males
  • MANY WM/AW being based on the fetishization of white people.
  • WM/AW being based on cultural fetishization / repulsion.
  • WM/AW being predictable along certain character types (conservative, or anti-social meek white dads, mentally unstable Asian mothers).
  • WM/AW representing patterns of broad economic / social power imbalance.
  • WM/AW children having double the rates of mental illness found in monoracials.
  • Hapa children displaying unusually high rates of mass violence / mental illness.
  • Lack of successful half Asians with Asian mothers, despite them being so common.

There will be little original content and this will mostly be used as a repository for Reddit and other websites.