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Aside from the unusual language this poster uses, he makes excellent points about the white supremacist nature of WMAF, or WMAW; wherein it is uniformly the man who is white – meaning that white men, by default, are prioritized, and in doing so, everything that a straight white male entails – necessarily involves the child of White men and Asian women. When questioned about their relationships with Asian women – most white men will immediately claim some fault in white women. This is convenient, as Asian women view themselves – as well – as replacement white women, fit only to be at the white man’s side, able to wrest control and power of society from white women – who they view as their enemy. More than a few times, non-Asian women have complained about the particular hostility of Asian women.

WM/AF is far from progressive, and is favored among racists – my father himself is an extremely hated, unpopular, and outspoken anti-gay / anti-liberal activist who is an adamant Holocaust denier, Hitler-sympathizer and extreme homophobe, yet was married to a Hong Kongese woman.

Posted by /u/SiberianDragon with his commentary:

A rising far right journalist dubbed “the most hated man of the internet” is to the surprise of no one an autistic betamax misogynistic bigot who only dated mentally colonized Asian girls because he was too beta to get a white girl. Known for his writings on race realism and anti-feminism, he is the protege of John Derbyshire and Steve Sailer, set to raise even more deeply damaged hapas who will be raised by a betamax bigot and a mentally colonized sellout. What could possibly go wrong?




The idea of his children even existing is terrifying; when extrapolated into the millions, it seems that the children of racist, anti-progressive white men, and Asian women who desire white privilege in their children, are going to be taking to the center stage of society in the near future.