The disparity, not only in numbers, but in real world characteristics, between Asian men / White woman couples, and White man / Asian woman couples, was noted way back in 2002.

Keep in mind that my father was one of these dorky, nerdy, geeky, Asiaphile, racist white men who would never have gotten a white woman had his life depended on it.

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In my opinion, AM/WF relationships seem to be much more normal, healthy and balanced than WM/AF relationships. The latter almost always includes an insecure, self-hating AF, that puts down AM and glorifies WM, while the WM is almost always a geeky fetishist. Sorry, but this is just what I’ve noticed over the years. In all the WF/AM relationships I’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen anything like that. The people in these relationships tend to be equals in terms of attractiveness, education, income level, goals, etc and complement each other very well. None of the white women I know that date or are married to asian men have any preoccupation with race, or some weird expectations as to what dating an asian man “means” or any stereotypes about them.

Anyway I love my fiancee for who he is, and I would love him no matter what race he happened to be. I am looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with him, and creating a loving home. I am learning Chinese slowly but surely, and am absorbing his culture as much as I can. We are planning a trip to Asia as soon as we can find the time. I want to see what Asia is like and where he came from. We may come across problems but we are strong enough that we can tackle them together. one WF’s opinion