Once again, racist white men indeed do love Asian women – they are, by all intents and purposes, replacement White women in the white male’s attempt to stem the tide of non-whites into Western civilization.

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He said Martin had gone to a Turkish kebab takeaway and asked staff why they had bacon on their menu before wondering if they would “die a Muslim”.


He also shouted “f*** Muslims” and scraped the owner’s car, which cost £390 to repair.When arrested he told police: “The Muslims have won again.”

He told police after drinking a bottle of Buckfast he bought a second bottle and couldn’t remember much.


Martin also said he feared for the future of his seven-year-old son because of Islam.


Defence solicitor Denise Gillan said her client had brought £390 to court and “finds it difficult to be labelled a racist” as his wife is Thai.


Ms Gillan said the incident arose out of taking far too much alcohol and a “very marked lack of judgment”.