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Is it any wonder these marriages have produced almost no people of merit – despite Asian women and white men swearing up and down that Eurasians are superior? If Eurasians are so superior – where are the successful ones? Why are they so underrepresented as opposed to half black / half whites?

One of the common themes on reddit.com/r/hapas is that White men who like Asian women often times suffer from a God complex – meaning that they feel an overwhelming need to control women, and feel entitled to women, and the Asian woman (who herself seeks whiter kids) is willing to give that. The recipe is incredible deranged children.

The cul-de-sacs of Harrison are rampant with Lou Lowinger stories. There’s the time he sued a member of his shul for $1 million after getting into a fistfight during Sabbath prayers (the courts threw the case out, and Lou now walks several miles to another shul), and the two separate times he sued the medical programs that had flunked him (also in vain). But the Lou Lowinger story that Kay’s friends still tell is the one about how he married a Korean woman, brought her home, and treated her like his own personal geisha.

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