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Another racist white man with an Asian wife who claims he is not racist because he is married to an Asian woman. Be very, very, frightened of the children of White men and Asian women – after all, they have a history of snapping, and killing.

These men get to kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Be racist, and still get married to a woman who tolerates it, because she wants whiter children and is racist herself. In fact, Asian women are well known for being easy, as long as the male is white, so Asian women are in fact pro-white by default.
  2. Claim he is not racist, due to having a non-white wife.

The decision by Anthony Cappola — who wrote the self-published book, “Outrageous!” in 2003 — is due in part to his party finding it too costly to replace him on the ballot.
The disgraced candidate will appear in a debate for his district’s seat on Wednesday night despite protests from many in his party — including his former running mate.
The fallout began when his book — which included hate speech aimed at women and many different ethnic and racial groups — went public.
Cappola has maintained that he was upfront to his campaign staff about the book before he came under scrutiny.
He has played off the literature as satire, which was meant to work as a companion piece to an alleged stand-up comedy career.
While his book offended nearly every possible group of people, Cappola believes he has reasonably reconciled for offending some of these groups.
“I’m not that person. I’ve actually never been that person. I’m not a homophobe, I’m not anti-Semitic, not anti-Asian,” he told Politico New Jersey.
“My wife is Asian. My son is Korean. I employ two lesbians on my staff. I DJ lesbian weddings because they’re my friends.”
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