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Violence against Asian women, particularly by white men, seems commonplace; Asian women being complicit in marriage to these same men, seems even more commonplace.

While we don’t pass judgement on them, we do warn that the results of these unions will be a danger to Western civilization – as has been proven in the last two years.

Aiken then led the woman to some public toilets, where she performed sexual acts on him.

Afterwards, in what Judge Bell described as a “cold-blooded act of theft”, Aiken rifled through the woman’s purse and stole $200, which he spent at Burwood RSL.

The woman alerted Westfield security and Aiken was soon arrested.

Today the 31-year-old was jailed for up to four years after pleading guilty to sexual intercourse without consent, indecent assault and theft over the incident on June 9 last year.

“He’s taken advantage of a woman in a very vulnerable situation,” Judge Bell said.

“She thought that he was a security officer … but he didn’t do anything to dissuade her from thinking he was.

“She was vulnerable because she had been caught herself engaging in acts of illegality.”

Aiken’s wife wept in the public gallery as the judge noted the devastating impact of the offender’s behaviour on his family and the “domino effect of what was an act of lust”.

With her husband in jail and shamed by what had happened, Aiken’s wife had sent their two young children to stay with her parents in Vietnam.

In line with Vietnamese custom, she had tried to offer reparation to the victim, an acquaintance, only to find herself charged with approaching a prosecution witness.

“Her distress, I’m sure, is as much as that of the victim, if not more,” Judge Bell said.

He praised her for standing by her errant husband, saying “some women might feel that this was sufficient justification for turning their back on the man”.

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