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Does any of this sound familiar to how the majority of Eurasians you know in real life tend to segregate according to how “tall and beautiful” they are – and how closely to the European ideal they fit; and failing that, their passive aggressive behavior becomes much more pronounced when challenged on their inauthenticity?

Eurasians were divided amongst themselves based on how closely they resembled Europeans. The Eurasians with the skin tones and facial features that more closely resembled those of Europeans had higher social statuses than those that had features that more closely resembled Southeast Asians.

Eurasians were disliked by both Europeans and Asians. Not only were they despised by the Europeans, but since they despised their Southeast Asian heritage, they alienated themselves even further by rejecting the Southeast Asian community. This left Eurasians isolated and alone.

Eurasians were so disoriented about where they belonged, that they fought to be seen as European, while Europeans fought to reject the notion that Eurasians were of European descent, creating a tension among Eurasians that Europeans feared. A British travelogue writer noted that Eurasians wanted to demonstrate their European heritage so much that they over exaggerated and tried to be more patriotic than their British fathers.