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Is it any surprise that more than a hundred years ago, the sons of White men and Asian, in this case, Indian women, were severely disadvantaged in their mobility?

Ask any Asian woman you know – if she would marry an Asian looking Eurasian male – and many would say no, particularly the Asian women who demand a white man for the purpose of status and integration. In effect, Asian women were complicit in their support of white colonialist systems, and left their sons to live lonely lives, while these young mens’ sisters were capable of integrating with the Western, white powers.

After all, Asian women do not want anything Asian; they want Whiteness. 

Hawes writes:

“Young educated Eurasian men were not welcome at the public dances where many of their sisters met British husbands. Contemporary comment suggests that the sisters, ‘conscious of their superior prospects, look down upon their male relatives with an undisguised disdain’. Governor John Malcolm observed the effect on Eurasian men.

The male part rarely marry the European women, and their connections with their own class, or with the native females of India, produce a race still darker than themselves… while, o the other hand, theca children of females who have inter-married with Europeans, from being fairer and belonging to another society, become in one or two generations, altogether separated from that race of natives from whom they are maternally descended.”

Sound familiar? In 2016, any talk of Eurasian people immediately goes to the idea that the women are far more desirable and privileged than the sons, and evidence even supports the idea that Asian women are actually hoping for daughters – rather than Eurasian sons.