A bit from Google Books.

“In the system of American cultural prejudices, the “oriental” is exotic. Julie felt that she and the other students in the group only exist because their Asian mothers were the object of a fetish for that exoticism. The fetish is so contagious that even hapa men contract it. At a potluck supper of the Hapa Issues Forum, “all of the hapa guys stared at me and you know what? I felt like they were basically white guys who just happened to have an Asian parent at home — what makes their fetish with me, a hapa, any different than when it is coming from a full white guy. I was insulted.”

If it isn’t a fetish – then what is it?

“I demand that my partner be (a certain race) because of notions of power and attraction within Western society and I want to integrate and create super babies” doesn’t sound conducive to raising healthy children.

If you have never thought these thoughts – then congratulations. But what if you did?

Many white passing Eurasian girls deal with these thoughts; it bothers them that their Asian side is only useful for fetishization – but more troubling is that their own fathers and mothers seem to be complicit in a system that perpetuates stereotypes.