The average poster on – “China Circle Jerk” – express extremely racist viewpoints towards Asian women and men – despite the majority of their posters being married to Chinese women.

The archived link to one of their pages, where they described their fear of having a half Asian child in spite of their racism – citing Elliot Rodger as a reason – can be seen here.

Some of the more vicious comments, where they describe their wives and children as chinks, also can be seen below.

Let me make this as clear as I can: my father was a racist as well, very, very racist.

I was born in the 80’s, however, long before there was mass migration to China by racist white men looking to get jobs; so although my father was openly racist against blacks, he wasn’t racist against Asians, like these guys are.

White men and Asian women couples are the ONLY ONES on the planet, where the father’s racism is a selling point. The mother does not care, because she is getting whiter children – more often than not, in the case of foreign expats, she is unaware of the father’s racism, because she has a high opinion of the sheer racism behind the pairing.


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