Not 90%, not 95%, not 98%, but 100% of every single person who has ever gone missing – or run away from home – has been Eurasian with a white father and an Asian mother.

Why would a home based on a fetish (yellow fever, and white fever) be so unhealthy that one would seek to escape it?

Why would an Asian looking child seek to get away from a relationship where his own value as a human being is challenged? Where would an Asian looking child seek to avoid a parent group that seems to harbor deep seated racism, deference to white men, fetishization of the mothers’ race, and casual racism – and even worse, racist white men telling their sons and daughters “that there’s nothing wrong” (in the white man’s world, why would there be?)

Jason Wayne Dennis, 18

Aage Jorgensen, 16

Daniel Dutton, 28

Robert Huston, 17

Rosemary Day, 27

Sean Sidi, 22

Austin Westmaas, 14

Kayli Harper, 16

Alexia Reale, 9 (murdered; ironically, this is the only one with an Asian father and white mother – and the child was murdered by the White step-father).

Diane Robbins, 13

Jerome Maeth, 19

Elizabeth Campbell, 20

Trenton Duckett, 2

Ann Godbey, 28

Rachel Mellon, 13

Mark Cajski, 20

James Higham III, 16

Scott Miguel, 19

Saiun Lotus, 19

Maureen Kelly, 19

Bobby Dale Allen, 24

Adrian Lynch, 20]