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The link needs no real explanation, and can be read for yourself. Asian women have been known to fully support Nazi politics and extreme right wing viewpoints in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with whites.

The prevailing theory on reddit.com/r/hapas is that the desperation to not be seen associated with Asians – who everyone makes fun of – combined with the Asian woman’s high desirability in society yet her strange confusion on being associated with such a hated group, can cause her to go to extremes – i.e., to support very racist white men, oftentimes marrying them, but in other cases, worshipping dead genocidal maniacs in a not-so-tongue-in-cheek manner.

The psychosexuality and racism of it – with Asian women being highly valued while their male counterparts are not – is frankly unparalleled anywhere else, in any other race.

Given that I was too raised by a Neo-Nazi white father and a mentally ill Asian mother – I too embraced extreme right wing politics at one point, while my friends were shocked at my behavior. Not unusual – as there are only two groups of people who still seem to harbor such ideals; White men and Asian women.

Even worse is how Tila also dressed her own daughter as Hitler.

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People should be mindful of the children of White men and Asian women – given that they have killed before, at an almost astronomically high rate given their numbers.

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