It seems that Asian women don’t seem to understand that their children are still considered Asian men by the entire world – and that twenty years of small dick jokes, being bullied at school is made even worse when your mother is a hateful woman who believes the same stereotypes – and your father is racist enough to support this.

This guy seemed to get it.

Now this is where my previous statement about being just like our parents comes in. Most White/Asian couples are between a White guy and an Asian girl, and it’s always some drop dead gorgeous Asian chick and the geekiest most homely White guy since the invention of White homely guys. An Asian chick marries a white guy because she loves him, but an Asian chick falls in love with a White guy because she knows her parents will hate him just enough to think of her as a rebel but like him enough to not disown her because they know he will be a good provider. The bottom line that no self respecting modern girl will ever admit to (which only makes this MORE TRUE) is that deep down every girl wants to be rescued and taken care of, but at the same time have that small sense of danger/rebellion/uniqueness about them.

Since basically we are all just like our parents, two types of personalities inevitably rise from the loins of these couples; nerdy loser guys that stay home playing D&D listening to Metallica and Dragonforce, and ridiculously ditzy girls that are over the top turbo sluts. The guys have absolutely no self confidence or social abilities because they didn’t exactly get the best of genes to begin with, and the girls are all really easy because they are super insecure about being half Asian and overcompensate by sleeping with the entire football team.