“To digress a little, as I often tell my closer friends, I’ve always thought that Caucasians are the most beautiful race. They have golden, flaxen hair… with eyes of vivid colours and defined features.”

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When we look at Chinese stars like Vivian Hsu and Zhang Zi Yi for example, they exude a fragile nature that Caucasians just don’t.

Comparing Angelina Jolie and Vivian, there is just an unexplainable crudeness about the way Jolie looks…

It almost, no offence to Caucasians, seem as if were there different “molding” Gods for different races.

The Caucasian god is bold, vibrant, but yet a tad clumsy with his work. He has thick fingers with ample strength, but he is impatient to see his end result. He pinches, presses, and there: done.

The Chinese God I imagine is female… She has long, tapered fingers where she sits all day long to create her model. She is rather boring, so simple and compact is good. But she is patient, and she’s careful.

Both specimens are beautiful, but just different, you get what I mean? Caucasians are just lacking in the gentle aura that the Chinese have.

Keep in mind that this mentality is very common among Asian people – such that (oftentimes mentally ill, like Xiaxue) Asian women are so desperate to be white, that they are willing to overlook extreme racism against themselves – and their children – in an attempt to integrate into Western society. In fact – this pro white attitude, wherein the children are taught that white is better, and most Eurasian children being praised for their tall noses, deep eyes, and lighter features, will oftentimes cause a paradoxical confusion in the minds of young men and women – since society still by and large considers them Asian.

Whereby – many Eurasians will deny their Asian heritage, or try to assimilate into Whiteness by excessive means. Results may vary – but as we have seen, murder, rape, involvement in fringe right wing groups, and violent assault seem to be the preferred route.

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