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The lead investigator in last weekend’s double murder-suicide in Stoney Creek says they may have found the motive behind the bloodshed.

Police say 37 year old James Milroy, who’s a registered gun owner, shot and killed his girlfriend, 19 year old Aerlaena Smith along, his 32-year old brother Michael before ending his own life. Hamilton police said that they’ve received information that James may have become violent upon learning that Smith and his brother were having a relationship.

Aerlaena’s mother Amanda Smith released a statement saying “I lost my daughter in a terrible way. She lost her life in a double murder suicide. She was 19 and left behind two beautiful babies aged 2 and 3”

Over $4300 has been raised in a GoFundMe account to help pay for Smith’s funeral this weekend and to start a trust fund for her children Gavin and Bailey.

70 year old Gina Milroy, the mother of James and Michael, was also shot and remains in critical condition. Friends say Gina came to Canada from Korea to be with her now ex-husband. She purchased a plot of land by the beach in the 90’s and operated a convinience store and lived in the house behind it with her boys until she sold the business around 2006.

Her youngest son Michael worked for Brinks armoured trucks in Hamilton. Peers described him as very quiet and shy, and are shocked that he’s linked to a love triangle. The company has commemorated Michael by attaching decals of his badge number and date of death on 10-15 of their trucks.