Asian women, and only Asian women – are the ones who perform this kind of extreme white worship. No other race seems to form relationships on the basis that they legitimately want to be that race; most people fall in love with individuals – not races. 

Except one group. So are you surprised at the terrible behavior of half Asians?

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More written proof from Asian women, who like my mother, married largely for integration and to escape the curse of being Asian – a curse which will doom them to perpetual marginalization and social humiliation. The problem? Many of them marry the absolute worst men – creating a dangerous situation where their children are born to loveless marriages, loser fathers, and have to deal with some of the most emasculating, casual racism known to the modern world.

In their own words – these women admit that their disdain for Asian males is out of self-hatred and worship of whiteness – yet in every case, all of these women gave birth to children who look very Asian.

Saved up for eyelid surgery, breast implants. I wanted blue contacts, badly. I only had white friends. I listened to Bon Jovi.
None of it made me white.
I remember being 8 years old and wishing Santa would make me white. I woke up Christmas day to find the same me in the mirror: same small eyes, sallow skin, straight black hair. Same ugly, Chinese-looking me. Somewhere inside, I was saying, “Fuck you, Santa! Thanks for nothing!” I grew up in suburban New Jersey in the ’70s and ’80s. At school there were a few black kids and a couple of Latinos and Asians, but we were scattered, like dim stars along the Milky Way.
Over the next two decades I went on to date a lot of white guys (eventually I married a white guy). Still, I wasn’t white. I made my first non-white friend, a black woman in LA, when I was 28. To this, she said: “Are you shitting me?”
Somewhere in my 30s I stopped trying to be white. Living in California and making friends with proud African-Americans, Latinos, Middle Eastern Americans and Asian-Americans, my world opened. My old self-hatred slowly dissipated, replaced by a new appreciation for myself, of how I had spent my life internalizing racism and perpetuating the notion of white supremacy.

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