10/25/2016 NJ dad jumps from bridge holding 2 Half Asian kids kids; he dies, they live

For the third time this week, WMAF makes global news for one reason or another.

The answer why: many of these couples are emotionally unstable. It sounds racist, but it’s by and large true. Having been the victim of a low confidence, paranoid, inept father who specifically went after an Asian woman, and a victim of her suicide attempts, I know just how bad these people can be. He was emotionally unstable, and only saw an Asian woman as his way out because of her white worship; she turned out to be in control, autonomous, and like this woman (who probably cheated) he realized the marriage wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Let alone many half Asians with Asian moms looking nothing like dad and looking just like the men that mom hated and humiliated her whole life.

Can’t say I envy them.

I get it though, it’s usually an emotionally unstable white father + a racist Asian mother who thinks a white man is the bees knees, then she realizes that he’s a loser, she’s got what she wants, she cheats on him, starts belittling him, and then the guy snaps.

I think most of us recognize that even if the father isn’t somehow racist, he’s emotionally screwed up 9/10 times when he goes for an Asian woman. The reason is simple, though, because Asian women are perceived as having certain qualities – by and large are just easier as long as you are white – compared to other races of women, and the father is unprepared to deal with either racism, or a real relationship where he has to be a man. He is willing to take a plunge where he can leverage his whiteness – all he has left – for a relationship.

Hence so many of our dads are meek, unemployed, underemployed, hyper religious, conspiracy theorist, etc.

Call /r/hapas racist but these kids are actually in need of real world support, otherwise they’re gonna be knocking on your doorstep in 20 years and NORMAL society is not going to like that.

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