How creepy is it to have your father refer to you as Half-Asian mouthy terrors, have him describe your looks in a eugenicist, leering, racialized way, and to know that he is posting on a website that encourages extreme pro-white nationalist politics?

Oh, wait, that’s what most of us Half Asians have to deal with.

The comment in text form.

Much to her chagrin and her parents, my kids did not inherit the epicathic eye lids that Asians usually have. My son looks almost like a clone of me – light skin, hazel brown eyes, light brown hair. He is more lithe than I am, he will not be as stocky and he has very long fingers and hands. His hair is a bit straighter but not Asian straight. My daughter also does not look Asian but you know she is not Irish-Scottish either. She has brown hair that is curly and facially, looks a lot like my wife except she has very large, almost anime’-cartoon almond shaped brown eyes. And she is also pale white. Like me. She is also very thin and lithe, with an Asian soma-type. My daughter does some local modeling, nothing big, for grocery store flyers and similar.

I would say she is a very good looking girl. I am of course, quite biased here.

Both my kids are mouthy terrors with a quick wit that are good at engineering trouble. They absolutely inherited this from me I am sure. Mom is a saint. Me? Not so much.

And my daughter is far more predatory and complex in her scheming than her brother. I’m going to go on a limb here and say that all comes from her Asian side.

Both are pretty good kids. Both got the Derbyshire talk and have an instinctual fear of Blacks now. Which is how I and my wife want it to be.

When you actually realize what White men / Asian women are doing – the reality is actually terrifying. They are dismissing people in their own race as being uniformly undesirable; while white women are feminist, loud, angry bitches, Asian men are small, little-dicked losers. Rather than realizing that all people are individuals and all people are bad, they get together on the principle of race, in a very common, very predictable relationship with no fundamental basis.

But that’s really not the worst part of it; the worst part of it is that the children by and large look Asian.

Half Asian girls are subject to dad’s yellow fever; half Asian boys are subject to mom’s hatred of Asian men.