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Gee, why would an Asian looking son of a white man and an Asian woman who married for status, have emotional problems? Gee – I don’t know. Maybe looking like the lowest status race in America next to black people with your own parents’ relationship a reminder of just how worthless you are – is a good reason.

Oh – b-b-b-but we just fell in love!

That’s why Asian women are the only women on earth who prefer men other than their own at the rate that they do.

“Everybody was surprised,” and no one sensed any problems, she said.

But the family now is focusing on his life. A “Celebration of Life” memorial service Saturday morning has the theme of “Gentle Giant,” Jean-Marc noted. The theme refers not to JP’s size but to his being “a giant of gentleness,” he said.

And it refers to the impression he made on others, from friends and teachers to young children and animals, Kathleen added.

“He loved animals,” and they seemed to return that, she said.

“I think they could sense what a sweet guy he was, because when he was walking home from school animals in the neighborhood would follow him home. Sometimes he would have to chase them off so they wouldn’t get too far away from wherever they were,” she said, adding that both dogs and cats would trail after him.

“He’s had this kind of charismatic personality,” Jean-Marc recalled. “One time we took him over to a friend’s house because his sister was due to be born. … The sons were following him around but they couldn’t pronounce his name. They called him Jean-Palm.”