More written proof that Asian women are extremely racist and that what their children will do necessarily reflects the fact that 90% of us have White fathers.

My mother was not a feminist, and told me repeatedly “to be glad that you have an American father;” despite him not working, being a HAM-radio listening racist who doesn’t believe in the “Holohoax,” that blacks are savages, blah, blah, blah.

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“A Korean-American woman said, ‘I wouldn’t date you,’ or ‘I’ve only dated white men because I would want my children to have privilege and status,” Ravi says.

In this situation, Johnson says that Ravi is up against two racial fronts that are hard to compete with.

“The stereotypes about Asian men — that they’re not as virile, that they’re not as well endowed, that they’re not as manly as some of the other ‘manly men’ that one could be dating — Ravi comes into the American dating with an inherent disadvantage based on cultural stereotypes,” says Johnson. “That’s independent of the race of whoever he might be attempting to court.”

In addition to unfair stereotypes, Ravi is also competing with white privilege.