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Minor, but still telling about the average thing that half Asians with Asian moms have to go through every day in a Western country.

Notice how you rarely hear the children of Asian fathers complaining about this kind of thing – or having any emotional problems. After all, Asian women are very complicit in maintaining the idea that being Asian is very, very bad, so much so, that in the minds of the general public – an autistic, nerdy, racist, low quality white man can still bank his hopes on getting an Asian woman.

This WMAF Hapa sums it up:

This is a powerful example of the stuff we talk about on r/Hapas taking place naturally “in the wild”. The world isn’t blind to the fact that almost all Hapa men have white dads, and its a weapon that white guys can use against us to mock and taunt us.

Hapa guy says someone has a micropenis. White guy says Half Asians don’t get to talk shit about small penises. Reminds him that he has a white dad and that his very existence as a WMAF Hapa is proof of how much Asian women want white men. Outmarrying more than any other race of women.

The bigger issue is not the particular stereotypes the white guy employed. But the fact that he uses the very fact of a WMAF Hapa being born of WMAF to bully him. there is no way for a WMAF Hapa to come back from that. How can he deny the white preference, when he and all the other Hapas all have white dads?