“i know a guy, half asian, his dad is white and mom is asian. his mom bashing on asian guys all the time, when he was little that didn’t affect him much, but after he started middle school, he became almost 100% asian looking, and people started to refer to him as asian. he started to feel bad about himself cause he always remembered what his mom said about asian guys, and started to have trouble with girls as well. some asian girls bash on him and other asian guys all the time , just like his mom did before. he ended up hating on his mom and never talked to her after he moved out.”

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In 2010 I was in full Neo-Nazi half Asian mode, in an attempt to disassociate from my Asian side. At that time Hapa issues had never occurred to me.

I did not go back in time and write down what people were noticing objectively about WMAF couples. In fact, this is the reality for most sons of WMAF couples.