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Note OP was not Asian.

And people wonder why the sons and daughters of AMWW couples have achieved more than WMAW fetish / hate couples.

I was sitting in Santana Row eating some frozen yogurt and was able to make many personal observations. I noticed that a majority of the couples were of the White/Asian variety. Approximately, 9 out of very 10 of those couples were a white male with an Asian female (and 1 out every 10 of those couples were an Asian male with a white female). Of the first combination, more often than not, it was unattractive nerdy white guy (with a weak chin, pasty skin, and thinning hair) holding hands with a generally unattractive Asian woman. If it was the latter combination, it was a chiseled, tall, generally attractive Asian guy with a generally attractive white woman.

Of the occasional same race couples, whenever I did see a generally attractive Asian woman, they were almost always holding hands with an Asian man (of varying attractiveness). And well, the all white couples were either both really attractive or both not attractive, and either of these white combos make perfect sense based on Psychology 101 classes I took in college.

Anyway, as I was sitting there eating some fro yo, I overheard some generally unattractive Asian girls complain about how “White girls take all the hot Asian men. They took Bruce Lee from us and now they are doing it all over again. It’s total BS. Those girls must be total sluts.”

Interesting stuff.