Vice article “Exploring Bobby Fischer’s Maniacal, Racist Genius”, which discusses Fischer’s racism and paranoia. Archived here.

It’s hard to argue that Bobby Fischer was not a creep, because Bobby Fischer was a creep, and alienated virtually any friend, associate, or family member with a ceaseless combination of egregiously selfish behavior and an irrational antisemitism that bordered on maniacal. He was a Holocaust denier, kept boxes of Nazi propaganda, and on 9/11 he took this to the airwaves, via a public broadcast in the Philippines: “I say death to President Bush! I say death to the United States! Fuck the Jews! The Jews are a criminal people. They mutilate their children. They’re murderous, criminal, thieving, lying bastards. They made up the Holocaust. There’s not a word of truth to it… This is a wonderful day. Fuck the United States. Cry, you crybabies! Whine, you bastards! Now, your time is coming.”

Article (Dec., 2002) from The Atlantic detailing his racism. Archived here.

Fischer added that the events of September 11 provided the ideal opportunity to stage a long-overdue coup d’état. He envisioned, he said, a “Seven Days in May scenario,” with the country taken over by the military; he also hoped to see all its synagogues closed, and hundreds of thousands of Jews executed. “Ultimately the white man should leave the United States and the black people should go back to Africa,” he said. “The white people should go back to Europe, and the country should be returned to the American Indians. This is the future I would like to see for the so-called United States.” Before signing off Fischer cried out, “Death to the U.S.!”


His first wife / girlfriend.

In 2000, he appeared to have had a child with a young Filipina named Justine Ong (although his name was recorded on the birth certificate as the father, a posthumous DNA test overturned his paternity).

Second wife / girlfriend.

In 2004, Time Magazine ran a piece about Fischer’s Tokyo detainment—the lede read, “To the average lonely heart, Bobby Fischer, erstwhile chess champion, virulent anti-Semite, and fugitive from the US justice system might not sound like Mr. Right. But to hear Miyoko Watai tell it, he’s a dreamboat.”

Fischer, displeased with his characterization as anything but an ideal lover, lashed back in an interview with a Philippine radio station. “I wear size-14-wide shoes, just keep that in mind when they say I’m not a dreamboat, or not Mr. Right,” he said, before relating an anecdote which ended with two old men gesturing emphatically about the size of his cock in a Japanese bathhouse.

His second wife, Miyoko.