Even movie producers in a hyper-racist decade recognized the improbability of a racist white man having a child with an Asian woman – and being pleased by the results.

Not the first or last time that Hollywood dealt with the unpleasant results of – you guessed it – yellow fever and sexual imperialism.

Too bad one of Hollywood’s own decided to take a ride on the wild side in 2014, killing six in the Isla Vista massacre.

This movie was the first movie about the war in Vietnam. The story is set in the last few months before the French were defeated in North Vietnam. Angie Dickinson plays a half Chinese half European woman. She has a son with Gene Berry who looks Chinese. Gene Berry plays an American in the French Foreign Legion. He is a Korean War veteran who has come to Vietnam to continue killing Communists. He hates Asians and can’t deal with the fact that his five year old son looks Asian. The movie doesn’t explain why he was in Vietnam five years earlier and married Angie Dickinson. He was supposed to have been in the U.S. Army then. They lead a team of Legionnaires into Communist territory to blow up a stash of Russian bombs. Lee Van Cleef plays a North Vietnamese Major who looks more Russian than Vietnamese and his goal is to be transferred to Moscow. In the group of Legionnaires is a Hungarian who dreams that Nat King Cole is a Russian soldier. He’s a refugee from the Hungarian revolt against the Communist. The whole theme of the movie is that Vietnam was being invaded by Russian and Chinese Communists. The French were portrayed as good guys who were just trying to spread Christianity to the Vietnamese. They never mentioned that France invaded Indochina in the 19th Century to expand the French Colonial Empire about the same time they invaded Mexico and were supplying arms to the Confederates. France was our enemy then. France lost Indochina to the Japanese during World War II without firing a shot. It was the Americans that helped Ho Chi Min fight the Japanese and promised to help the Vietnamese gain their independence. The only reason the U.S. helped France try to take back Vietnam was because we needed to keep the Communists from taking over France and it turned out that Ho Chi Min was one of Stalin’s followers. To the American people who lived through both the Korean War and the War in Vietnam it was all one war. That was the theme of this movie. The Vietnam War was just a continuation of the Korean War.