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Sometimes it only takes an accident to reveal the white supremacy and horrible misogyny behind White male / Asian female pairings.

Asian women market themselves as being the most suitable partners for white men; if anything, Asian women have proven themselves to be so vehemently racist, that only a white man is good enough, and anything short of that means relegation into the Gilded Ghetto.

No other interracial pairing is marked by such vitriol; both in its hatred of the Asian male appearance – and the white female appearance.

Since moving to the San Francisco area, I’ve been told by a few men quite bluntly that I’ll never measure up to an East Asian woman. This is what I’ve heard; “You white women age faster. Asian women are so much prettier. Asian women don’t get fat. Asian women are nicer, more demure. They’re smarter.”. The blatant racism and sexism infuriates me, never mind the rudeness of it. It’s like somehow okay because I’m white, in the majority, and they’re talking about a minority race. It’s never right. Racism is racism. Sexism is sexism.