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More extreme racism against Asian men, by a father of a half Asian son.

And people wonder why Elliot Rodger was so violent.

Again – a white male with a paranoid fear of “BBC” – or big black cock – marries an Asian woman in order to take the power back, and to feel “bigger” than Asian men, yet has a half Asian son, who, for whatever reason, will grow up with a racist, anti-black father, and a self-hating Asian mother.


I’m white yet I don’t find white women attractive, mainly because of their attitudes. I do however like asian women and I have a mixed son. He has had absolutely “Zero” problems from others and he is bilingual giving him an edge over the professional competition he’ll face as an adult.

In a perfect world, the brothas should get all the white women. The white men should get all the asian women and the asian men would rather go to a secret island with their buddies to drink beer and give hand jobs to eachother so no problem there.