White nationalists do not draw the line at Asian women; in fact, many of them encourage it.


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OK. What do you say to those who would never accept a white female with a biracial child? How is your situation different?

Why would I say anything to them, unless my opinion were asked? It is the right of a racist to hold his views on race, and to act accordingly. One of the things I wish to see is a Nation where no one, including a racist, is persecuted for his views. I am not a racist in so far as I do not believe that white genes are superior solely by virtue of being white, but I do believe that over the millenia we have conquered many more trials than other races and this has made us stronger. One fruit of this struggle is our clearly superior civilization. Thats why I am adamantly against unrestricted immigration, because it is introducing a flood of people whose gene pools have been deteriorating for centuries and whose culture reflects this sad state of affairs. There are some, including in our government, who’d say I’m a full-fledged racist because of what I said above, but I’ve little doubt that to many at Stormfront I just dont qualify as a racist. Just one of the problems of being a moderate, I guess. But, just because I have a biracial child doesnt mean I’d accept any inferior person as a mate, and the degeneration of our own gene pool which the Jews started means that many white women would fail my requirements in a mate. The current state of my sons development (at 5 years of age he’s taller than my waist and able to find his way around my computer. He puts in CDs and uses the explorer to find his favorite games, videos, etc and hes aware of the major keyboard shortcuts, which he uses to copy stuff helikes to his own folder over my network. he also builds complex models correctly with only occasional help) is proof that I selected his mother well, even though I didnt have any white women to choose from. And I’m not at all interested in forcing him on those whose beliefs can not include him. In an America where communities make their own choices and set their own standards plenty of excellent communities will consider themselves lucky to get him. These communities will get along just fine with those who enforce strict standards of genetic purity, after all, its a question of respecting others beliefs. The difference between this and what goes on in America today is that this respect for beliefs is only one-way.

So do I. But, apparently, in the way that you use it, I am a “racist.”

I’m not going to risk another meal of crow by generalizing on racists. If You are a racist, that will not lower my opinion of You or your debating skills one iota. The definition of racialist that I was referring to is one who loves his own race, but without prejudice towards other races. What is your definition of racialist as opposed to racist?

I would say that any group that would accept a “half-white,” can no longer claim to be working for an all-White future. Who draws the line – and where? Is half-Japanese OK? Is half-Mexican? Is half-jew? Is half-black?

It would depend on what level You are speaking about. An all white world will toss us into a racial war, something I think should be avoided. Unfortunately, due to the massive importation of black slaves, America can never be an all white country without racial war either. All white states are perfectly possible without racial war, and all white communities are a pillar of our movement.
Where we draw the line depends on each community, and any community where I settle permanently will consider each case individually. Just because I myself have a half Japanese son doesnt mean that any half Japanese would get my vote, even assuming the other parent was white. I would make a special regulation for Jews, but thats because they have shown such a capability to infiltrate and manipulate over the centuries that any nation which wants to remain whole needs to keep an eye on them.

And, that is what bothers me. You’ve made some really good posts – and more often than not, I agree with you.
But, the nagging question I have – is, where do we draw the line when it comes to “half-whites?”

Like I said thats a decision that You will have to make personally. As long as that decision doesnt send You with a gun after me or mine, I will respect it. But I would hope that your decision would allow us to come together where we can work together for common goals. Nothing in my decisions will ever prevent me from working with people such as I perceive You to be.