Robert Lindsay is also quoted as writing the following blog posts:

Are Black People Stupid? (Post examining claims of lower black intelligence)

“Blacks Are the Least Intelligent Race of All” (Arguably it can be said that Mr. Lindsay disagrees with popular claims that blacks are the least intelligent).

An Example of Anti-White Propaganda: “White Men Raped Their Way around Most of the World” (It can safely be said that Lindsay would be fondly looked upon by the alt-right and read frequently by other HBD, or “race realists,” who many recognize as subscribing to outdated racial theories.

In 2016, Lindsay penned this piece calling Hapas “The Finest Mixed Race.”

Archive can be seen here.

Quotes for the article are relatively mild, but comments by his frequent readers are alarming.

I love a lot of mixed race people because I think a lot of mixed race people are even more beautiful than those of the pure races that formed them. Further, some races that are not very attractive to me can create very beautiful people by mixing with another race. Even some mixed Aborigine-White women can be quite beautiful. One is a famous Australian model.

Comments on his article are much worse, however.

Eurasians might form the top caste in America’s multi-racial society and Mulatto offspring of poor white women and absentee black men form the bottom.
Usually it is a successful white male who marries a Chinese or Japanese-American female and has intelligent children.
Poor, ignorant, course white women tend to marry a minority and of course their kids have few advantages.
Are Eurasians going to be the top of the multi-cultural caste/class of California or Australia?
Sure looks that way folks.