It was even speculated by the Village Voice that many closeted gay men marry Asian women for some obvious and not so obvious reasons.

But gay-conversion therapy – a process supported by our current Vice President Pence – is notoriously offensive in that it suggests that gay individuals can be “converted” into heterosexual sexuality.

But to have the founder of conversion therapy married to an Asian woman?

From Wikipedia:

Richard A. Cohen (born 1952) is an author and proponent of conversion therapy.[1][2][3] Cohen founded Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays and was its president, and founded the International Healing Foundation, through which he promotes his theories on sexual orientation change efforts for lesbiangaybisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Cohen, who was gay in his youth, underwent years of psychotherapy in an attempt to heal childhood issues which he felt had led to his homosexuality. He says that his therapy and personal growth helped him to understand his same-sex attractions, and to eventually transition to heterosexuality.

Cohen was OPENLY GAY during his relationship with his wife.

 In 1982, Cohen married Jae Sook, a South Korean woman suggested to him by church leader Sun Myung Moon. Cohen says that, during the first three years of his marriage, he underwent psychotherapy but was unable to find the help he needed, and therefore he found some healing with a boyfriend in New York City.[1][5] Cohen describes this as a tumultuous period that led him to pursue healing from his past.[6]

Some theories as to why this happens:

  • Gay white men go for Asian women because Asian women are more forgiving of gayness, since they won’t be forced to have sex with the male, but still get white status / whiter kids
  • Gay white men can use Asian women as a beard and avoid scrutiny from friends and family
  • Gay white men (especially anti-gay white men in the closet) will see Asian women’s natural “traditional / conservative” values as being in line with theirs, or at least they can avoid white women’s inscrutable taste / high standards / liberal values, by being with an Asian woman.
  • Gay white men might be able to, in many cases, be able to sexually “relate” to an Asian woman with a boyish body that contradicts normal female epitomes of sexuality, due to smaller proportions, and when faced with the pressure of coming out of the closet, or marriage, Asian women would be an ideal choice.

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