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Given that the vast majority of Half Asians have white fathers, what could half Asian men possibly think about this?

After all – “Hapas are beautiful” pretty much means that Hapas are more beautiful than Asian men – because, after all, white women are not desperate to create Hapa babies.

Description of the study:

The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the identity development of mixed race Asian students, also known as Hapas, and the influence of college environments of their perceptions of self. More specifically, this study will use Narrative Inquiry to gain insight into the lives and experiences of 20 Hapa students at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). In order to uncover the shared experience of Hapas on this college campus and to discern any specific activities or aspects of university life that contributed to their identity development while at Penn, I conducted 20 one-on-one interviews. I also conducted one focus group with 8 of the participants in order to observe the interactions between the students. This topic is relevant to student affairs administrators and faculty because of the rapidly changing demographics in the United States. Some projections estimate that by 2050, mixed race Asian people will represent the largest Asian constituency in the country, thus potentially changing the face of our campuses.^

From the actual text:

“We are eggrolls and hotdogs”: Mixed race Asians at the University of Pennsylvania 2016

This comment uncovers the reasons why a perceived compliment like “exotic” could be perceived negatively by a mixed race woman. The hidden message inherent in the compliment “exotic” is that you are the offspring of a prostitute or undesirable Asian woman.

Um, I think, so this goes back to like the hyper-sexuality of Asian females. As long as there’s a little bit of Asian in there, that’s what gets focused on and as a halfie you’re already considered exotic and if it’s Asian half, it’s even more exotic so people will focus on that.

In contrast, the experiences for mixed race Asian males is markedly different due to the negative and emasculating perceptions of Asian men. Laurin contrasts her experiences with that of her brothers.

I think for males it might be the opposite because you know how Asian males are desexualized and see as not really macho. I think if there’s a half-white then that’s what people tend to focus on. Like, “oh, you look really cool, but you’re also half-white.” And I get the feeling a lot with my brother, he’s 15 now so he’s getting bigger and he’s almost 2 meters tall, so people tend to focus on that more. “Oh, you’re a big, buff guy.” Rather than, “You’re a little Asian guy.”

Chris also feels like his Asian heritage negatively impacts him in dating and the way woman perceive his masculinity.

For the men in the study, their Asian heritage was often viewed as a detriment to their perceived attractiveness. On the other hand, for the female participants, their Asian features were a positive contribution to their attractiveness, which supports the prevailing hierarchy of White male masculinity and Asian female femininity (Museus & Truong, 2013).