“Its NOT just us on r/Hapas who are complaining about emasculation.

Just look at this thread. Every single one of the Eurasian posters there has a long independent posting history with over 5000 posts. They’ve most likely never even heard of r/Hapas. And yet they are realizing the same connections.

The most powerful comment for me, was the Eurasian guy, who realized that his own race being unattractive to women, was connected to his own parents, and said that all the Eurasians ITT must have white dads.

Eurasians everywhere are starting to wake up and independently come to the same conclusions as us.

This is a great thread, its full of Eurasians with identity issues, besides the OP

Posts from other Eurasians ITT:”



I’m half-white and half Asian too.

My inferiority complex stems mostly from my shyness, lack of success, sickly body. The inward shame of my genes does come into play often, however I do see many Asian American guys live happy and social lives despite the racism here in the south. So though in my dark moods I’ll often let it slip and state my insecurities, I do think ultimately I still have the opportunity to find whatever it is I’m looking for in life if I apply myself more and try alternate methods nonstop until I succeed.



I am half white and half asian too. I got the worst of both worlds. Pasty white skin + small asian penis. Godamn.

But at the same time I know my hideousness isn’t what makes me inferior to other people. My betaness is.

But yeah, american girls mostly like white guys.

Heck, I bet everyone here, who is eurasian, has an asian mom and white dad hahahaha.