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Salon article details how a pedophile named Eric Rosser, a musician and also one of the FBI’s ten most wanted – had a Thai wife and a Hapa son.

A few days after being arrested, Eric Rosser sits in his luxury condominium in Bangkok composing an e-mail to the city’s leading newspapers. “My name is Eric Rosser,” he writes. “Until last Wednesday I have been known as a gifted pianist and teacher, a ten-year resident of Bangkok with a large circle of friends and colleagues and a wonderful wife and family. I believe my friends would have characterized me as an exceptionally kind, gentle and artistic person. Now, since my arrest on Wednesday, I have been exposed as a pedophile.”
“Yes, I am a pedophile,” Rosser types. “As far as I can tell I was born this way, or became so even before the age of 5. I know normal sex play of children was an obsession with me. Even when I became an adult, I felt a child within. I still feel this way, a child masquerading in an adult body. I have never been able to believe in a God who could have perversely created me this way.”
Headlined “The confession of a reluctant pedophile,” the letter dominates the front page of Bangkok’s the Nation newspaper on February 12, 2000, a remarkable testimony to both Rosser’s prominence in the city and his hubris. Renowned for helping rock star John Mellencamp hit the charts and as the long-time house pianist for Bangkok’s posh Oriental Hotel, Rosser also ran a music school for the city’s upper-class children. In the letter Rosser dissembles he only had sex with 4 or 5 children and never molested any of his young music students — he was not “a monster of depravity.” He assures his readers, “I am a wonderful teacher,” and he contends that society should tolerate pedophiles, invoking the “child-like approach to the world” of Charlie Chaplin and Lewis Carroll. “We are your friends and neighbors,” he writes.
Three days before, 10 Royal Thai Police and FBI agents — including police Col. Chachvan Bunmee and FBI agent Tony Siedl, both of whom I interviewed for this story — climbed the broad marble steps of Rosser’s condo. They knocked on his door and showed a search warrant to Rosser’s Thai wife, Muay. Rosser and the couple’s curly-headed toddler, Max, were sleeping inside. Tham, their 10-year-old niece, who lived with them, was already at school.