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White male / Asian female continues to fail to provide any evidence of successful children, despite outnumbering Asian male / White female 10 to 20:1.

  • Mitchell Hashimoto, 27


Co-founder, HashiCorp


When Hashimoto worked for a consulting firm while an undergrad at University of Washington in 2010, he was frustrated by how much time he spent priming clients’ computers with the right software setup. As a fix, Hashimoto wrote code automating the process, cutting down set up time from about 15 hours to 15 minutes. He made his software, called Vagrant, open source, and within a few years, millions of developers and IT professionals were die-hard users. As cofounders of HashiCorp, Hashimoto and Dadgar offer seven open source tools that automatically install and configure software in computers, servers and databases. The 60-person startup has raised $34.7 million in venture funding and has a roster of blue-chip customers including eBay, Disney, PayPal, Stripe, Pinterest, Home Depot and nearly every U.S. bank.”Every company is realizing the traditional way of doing IT isn’t going to scale,” Hashimoto says. “Tractor companies or insurance companies want to focus on their business, not on building the delivery mechanism for their software.”