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I read this article via “Essential Baby” about a mother who wrote about how her hapa toddler had a racism experience. Her toddler is only 19 months old, and together with her husband was attending a BBQ to celebrate the day. This woman’s son is half Chinese (from her side) and half Russian (husband) and it appears they were at a park/playground when this racial incident occurred.
The writer (who chose to remain anonymous) states that her son approached 2 kids (older) at the playground, speaking toddler gibberish with the 2 kids just staring at him. As this writer’s son walked away the two kids looked at each other and one said:
“Was that a ching-chong? I think it was a ching-chong.”
The writer continued to state how she was conflicted about approaching the 2 kids as well as approach their families to confront them about the racial incident. In the end she did go and speak to the families of the 2 kids. And where her toddler son was too young to understand what was going on, it really made her think and reflect about how all of this could happen and how 2 young kids could even utter such a statement. Here is her account of how the entire incident made her feel:
 was afraid to walk up to that young boy’s family, as they looked so happy together and I was all alone. I was afraid I would be laughed at, or that they would become defensive and start a screaming match. But I did it regardless, stuttering through my explanation of what their son had said, making it clear that while I wasn’t angry, I thought it was important for him to understand that what he’d said wasn’t acceptable.
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