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Eli_MosleyJuden Jaeger: How do you square you newer views with having an Asian waifu? Do you think it impedes/shapes your political views? Do you think it will be a problem as far as acceptance goes in the movement as a whole (if you consider yourself one of us that is)? Not that you would regret marrying your wife but do you think you would make the same choices had you not been married after taking the redpill? What advice do you give others in similar circumstance? Also, it’s hard to keep track of you without Twitter. Did you end up having the kid yet? I hope everything is going well.

ChuckCJohnson[S]: That’s a really hard question to answer. Let me begin by saying that I actually really do love my wife. She’s one of the best things that’s happened to me. I spend a lot of time in Asian culture. I probably use my chop sticks more than a fork and speak more Indonesian than your average white dude. I’m not sure we would have been married had I not taken the red pill. She shares my views on America, loving white culture, and on the big questions we’re aligned. She’s not a typical Asian waifu. How could she be to be married to me? There’s a tendency for a lot of us to get into purity spirals about the best possible way to live. We don’t realize that a lot of life is compromising and making the best of the situations that come into your life. There is no perfect woman to marry. For me, the conflict is the decline of IQ in the modern world. My wife is very smart. Having intelligent children is more important to me than pretty much anything else. Marriage isn’t easy with whatever woman you marry. I tried asking out a lot of white girls when I was younger but found that being nerdy, red haired, and broke wasn’t working out for me. Asian women have always been turned on by my intelligence. My advice is to find a woman who shares your values and priorities. More often than not that’ll be a woman who shares your experiences. Unfortunately if you’re from California you’re not going to find too many who are white.

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