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A white supremacist who amassed a terrifying haul of arms and bomb-making equipment was planning to start a race war, detectives revealed today.

David Tovey, 37, was found guilty this afternoon of two charges of racially aggravated criminal damage.
But what the jury at Oxford Crown Court had not been told was that he earlier pleaded guilty to three explosives and six weapons charges.
One detective described him as a cross between Hungerford killer Michael Ryan and David Copeland, the Soho nail-bomber.
The bodybuilding fanatic was waiting for “some kind of trigger” to start a massacre and his hoard of munitions was more devastating than a terrorist’s, according to police.

It was to investigate the graffiti that officers called at Tovey’s house on Valentine’s Day this year – and they were stunned to stumble across the “mind-blowing” weapons cache.
During the search they found lists of registration numbers belonging to black and Asian drivers that Tovey had been following home, writing “black bastard” and “paki” next to some entries.
He had also been staking out a mosque in Swindon, Wiltshire.
Detectives then found a letter and a magazine addressed to Tovey from the British National Party (BNP).
Computer checks revealed he had been been using white supremacist and US survivalist websites.
But Tovey’s stunned wife and his past and present girlfriends all told the court they did
not have the slightest idea he was racist.
He married Oi Yi Yip, who is of Hong Kong Chinese origin, in 1989 after they met at an Oxford hospital. They ran a Chinese takeaway in Birmingham together, which later went bust.