Another “I’m not racist – my kids are half Asian” argument.

Beware the sons of WMAF.

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From the, February 2013.

A black York Region officer faces Police Act charges for not investigating racial taunts thrown at him when he was called to a bush party.
Const. Dameian Muirhead, 33, is charged with three counts of misconduct for his handling of a farm party turned ugly, where he was allegedly subjected to repeated racial slurs and told, “I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree.”
Muirhead, an eight-year veteran, was charged with insubordination and discreditable conduct over the way he allegedly investigated the party on the Victoria Day long weekend in May 2011. A partygoer lodged the complaint, saying he was rudely treated — but Muirhead also faces a neglect of duty charge for failing to properly investigate the racial remarks.
A police disciplinary hearing which began Tuesday was told that Muirhead and other officers were sent to the party after a woman was seriously injured when run over by an off-road vehicle
The follow up:
In his defence statement, Muirhead doesn’t accuse Duguay of making any of the racial taunts, and Duguay stressed at the hearing there was nothing racial about his anger toward Muirhead.
“There’s no racism,” he testified. “I’m married to an Asian lady. My kids are half-Asian.”