It has been rumored that many Hapa males – being the only race that is exclusively born to a race of fathers that does not resemble them – and is said to be “more masculine” than the son’s race, face untold sexual confusion; particularly when Asian mothers of Hapa sons make a concerted effort to demonize the sexuality of Asian men; and Asian men have next to no positive representation in popular media.

Combined with the fact that many White men that marry Asian women are politically conservative, and that the White man / Asian woman dynamic represents a “reversion” to archaic ideas of “stability” and “family values,” the confused half-Asian child oftentimes will be more adamant about exploring his sexuality as a way of rebelling.

Meaning that a conservative, or anti-gay White man, that marries an Asian woman largely for the use of embracing “traditional values,” (who in turn marries the white man because he is more “masculine”) will produce a child who is both sexually confused, and intent on upsetting the hierarchy of sex and race.

Of course – there is also the “blonde bimbo” trope being explored here.