iMore historical proof that Eurasian males are severely disadvantaged compared to their female counterparts.

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“Most interviewees have little or no contact with other Dutch Eurasians outside their family circle. In general, exogamy is the rule among Dutch Eurasians, and my research group is no exception. None of them has a Eurasian partner, and of those who have a partner, the latter are all Dutch. About half the respondents say thy have no preference for a Dutch or a Eurasian partner, but most have reservations about a partner from some other ethnic group. Some have an outspoken preference for a Dutch partner. Women sometimes find Eurasian men too feminine in looks and behavior and prefer a Dutch man for that reason. Men are inclined to use a family metaphor to explain their preference for a Dutch woman: marrying a Eurasian woman would give them the feeling they were committing incest with a sister. Status considerations can also play a part in their preference for a Dutch woman.”

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