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More word of mouth about the plight of Asian looking Hapas – which tend to be most of them.

It is easy to say that the majority of White men who seek out Asian women have exceptionally racist views against Asian men – their competition for the women that reminds them that they “hold all the cards” for being white. I.e., Asian women are the fail-safe fallback plan for a white male’s ego – and Asian men the only thing standing in his way;

yet he creates an Asian son. 

I tell you another story…I knew asian girls that live in NYC. For some of them they get those creepy white guy with Asian fetish following them around or assuming just because they are Asian female they are easy. One Asian girl was harass by this creepy white guy that lived in her apartment so bad she had to carry a mace and thought allot of white guys were perverts.

Lorenzo just want you to see the other side of these stereotypes instead of “hell yeah..I’m a white men and Asian women want me”, when in reality that is not always the case.

As you mentioned before the older Asian men tend to be more sexist and don’t really take care of themselves . I would say this applies to Asian men 40 and up or 50 ranges. Because of the previous generation diet they tend to be shorter BUT the next generation of Asian men tend to be taller and getting taller.

Visit South Korea look at the younger generation of Korean men( 30 and under) they dress better (sometimes better than western expats) look bigger..hit the gym and are more involved with their girl friends ..wives family. It’s like your looking at one aspect but not the full pictures.

Now regarding penis …when I was younger I worried about I looked up what would be consider the average penis size…usually the average is somewhere around 5-7 inches or so.. If you have to make a bell curve of Asian men and white guys they be allot of overlaps regarding size.